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SOESD / Learning Matters / Newsletter Archive / September 2007 / Celebrate Accomplishments 2006 - 2007

Celebrate Our Accomplishments 2006 - 2007

SOESD Superintendent Reflects on a Successful Year

SOESD has much to celebrate from this past year. As I assembled this list of accomplishments, with help from ESD administrators, it was a time to reflect on our successes and look ahead to the new school year. Below is a listing of some of the major accomplishments in 2006-2007.

School Improvement

  • Wrote and implemented a New Mentor Teacher Grant.
  • Worked with districts to develop a Continuous Improvement Planning process.
  • Expanded Migrant/ELL Services to Klamath Basin school districts.
  • Successfully completed three federal audits of Migrant Education programs with no findings for correction.
  • Continuation of service integration between School-Wide Projects, Curriculum, Career and Technical Education and Migrant ELL services in school improvement.
  • Development of district/ESD protocols for School Improvement Services.
  • Expansion of Positive Behavior Support to more districts.
  • Developed and implemented new attendance services to Jackson County districts.
  • Expanded Literacy Specialists services to more districts.
  • SOESD administrators held leadership positions on ESDs Instructional Leadership Council.
  • In conjunction with Computer Services, developed and implemented the “Time Tracker” system to document school improvement services to districts.
  • Expanded Instructor Appraisals and Program Quality Assurance reviews in Career and Technical Education.
  • Wrote and received a new Teaching American History grant.
  • Development of parent and student handbooks for Oregon On-Line classes.

Special Education

  • Successful implementation of Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education program in Josephine County.
  • Cost efficiency measures resulted in decrease in cost of STEPS on a per student basis.
  • Requests to provide services to increasing numbers of STEPS students and classrooms for 2007-08.
  • Implementation of Rookie Teacher Grant. SOESD administrators participated in statewide committees.
  • Development of a 6th edition and increase in sales of the OR Project.
  • Connections with School Improvement with Response to Intervention training.
  • Implementation of Alternate Assessment Training Grant.
  • Regional Roundtables training attended by over 700 persons from five counties.
  • Participation in state pilot of educational interpreter testing.
  • Participation by deaf/hard of hearing in Gallaudet University Academic Brain Bowl.
  • Participation by vision impaired students in outdoor recreation program.
  • Formation of three-county consortium for operation of web-based IEP management software system (SEAS).
  • Establishment of Assistive Technology equipment loan library (C&E funding).
  • Improved communication & partnership re: Regional services in five counties.
  • Facilitated collaborative planning across districts for adolescent day treatment center.
  • Pilot program for mental health services in Three Rivers schools.
  • Immunization tracking for STEPS students, special education data collection and reporting.

Technology and Media Services

  • Successfully wrote a Rural Utilities Services (RUS) Grant, one of 42 awarded nationally.
  • Designed, produced and delivered 17 portable video conference systems to schools.
  • Trained 10 distance education teachers in a weekly workshop throughout last year.
  • Installed new Media Collection computer scheduling system and trained staff and teachers on its use.
  • Installed video security systems worth over $214,000 in nine schools with have another 13 systems that are in the process of being installed.
  • Development and implementation of Help Desk software that was adopted by several of our districts.
  • Switched over from GroupWise to Outlook for all ESD computer workstations.
  • Replaced the old computer servers to a “virtual server system.”
  • Expanded Video Streaming capacities to more than 3600 items.
  • Integrated online media catalog with over 20,000 video “clips” for teacher viewing and downloading.
  • Produced a high quality Learning Matters newsletter.
  • Weekly Learning Matters television program to KTVL.
  • Expansion of professional development for school librarians and aides.
  • Added a fourth-year Spanish course via video-conferencing for Three Rivers School District.
  • Designed and installed a new Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system for EI offices in Grants Pass.
  • Deployed “Network Observer” systems for all school districts to assist in monitoring internet traffic.
  • Developed a Meth Prevention Tool Kit for health teachers and trained teachers in its use.

Administration/Business Office and Statewide

  • Successful legislative session which maintained funding support from state legislature.
  • Support from districts for SOESD to be included in School Improvement Fund.
  • Development of and support for the new Local Service Plan.
  • Positive reports about SOESD services in local media.
  • Expansion of SubFinder services.
  • Participation in statewide leadership through the Education Enterprise Steering Committee.
  • Continued exploration of a web-based financial services software system.
  • Continued efforts to recycle electronic equipment.

I am very proud of the accomplishments of SOESD this past year. SOESD is viewed as a progressive leader in the ESD community and within our region. I would like to recognize that our success is due to the work of our staff and cooperation with our component districts.

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